Our Values

  1. We take responsibility for QUALITY
  2. We deliver CUSTOMER satisfaction
  3. We respect the INDIVIDUAL
  4. We act with INTEGRITY in all we do

Hempac Sports

Hempac Sport is a distribution division of Hempac Trading (Pvt) Ltd whose main products are massage chairs and exercise equipment. Hempac Sport aims to distribute equipment for occasional “in-office-hours” relief as well as home relaxation after a hard day at work. The unique type of relaxation!

Hempac Designs

Hempac Designs boasts of one 20-head and two 4 head embroidery machines amongst its equipment. This ensures our clients no longer have to wait for weeks on end for items to be embroidered. Our staff, who are friendly and dedicated, will always try to meet given deadlines within achievable time limits.

Massage Chairs

Corporates have found our unique massage chairs an ideal solution to the “in-office-hours” relief for their executives who ordinarily have very long working days. Revered for its automatic massage to feet, back and neck, our massage chair has typically been housed at strategic points within the office.